A mentor has been in your shoes, so they can share their experiences and help you explore your options.

Having an online mentor means you’ll be able to contact them at a time and place that suits you!

eMentoring allows you to connect with experienced adult learning professionals, who have volunteered to support you.

eMentoring takes place online within our easy to navigate system, using your eTALKING username and password to login.

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An eMentor might suit you because...

  • they have the SCTA expertise you seek for;
  • they can explain how their adult education skills relates to their day-to-day job with migrants;
  • they live or work abroad and can give you cultural insights about the job and working in inter-cultural environment
  • they are already managing adult education programs with migrants and can help in forming your future priorities.

Personal Testimony

One of the main benefits of eMentoring is that because it’s all based online and I can access it from any device, wherever I am.

Connecting with my mentor, who lives thousands of km away is now easy and accessible. I love that with eMentoring I have the time to reflect on the questions and reflections, that I`d like to discuss with my mentor. Makes me more focused and organize and I feel I`m really benefitting.

- Margaret Polton , MBM TDC e-mentoring trainee